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Respawn Entertainment are looking into Apex Legends' hitboxes

Published: 10:44, 25 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of Pathfinder from Apex Legends
Apex Legends - Pathfinder

Apex Legends is having problems of its own, usually due to crashes, but players now noticed issues around Pathfinder's hitbox. Respawn Entertainment confirmed they are aware of it and discussing potential resolutions for the problem.

Players have noticed some issues with hitbox registering in Apex Legends and are raising awareness about it. More specifically, most Legends have precise hitboxes, but Pathfinder doesn't. The embedded video above showcases the issue very well, as shooting really close to Bloodseeker doesn't register any hits, but shooting between Pathfinder's legs will always register, even though the player is visually missing the shots.

Feedback from the community reached Respawn Entertainment and they have now confirmed they are aware of the issue and about it at the time of responding to an inquiry on Reddit. Granted, Respawn didn't promise to fix the issue any time soon, as they only confirmed a discussion is in progress.

One probable reason why fixing Pathfinder's hitbox is not so simple is the fact that his legendary skins, as well as the Twitch Prime skin, have different models. These models have thicker legs than the default one, so it is quite the conundrum to figure out which one will piss players off more - hitting the legs of a Pathfinder with a skin in-game and the hits not registering, or seeing demonstrations of apparent misses between his legs on YouTube.

Still, more transparency would be welcome with the issue as players usually go for center mass when shooting enemies anyway. Having a few more hits register shouldn't be much of a problem going forward due to Apex Legends' breakneck pace.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of Pathfinder from Apex Legends Apex Legends

On the other hand, there are thin characters such as Wraith and Bloodhound who have extremely precise hitboxes and will likely always cause the questions about Pathfinder's hitbox to pop up. One easy solution for this is to just pick Gibraltar. Players will be able to hit you from a neighboring solar system due to his size, so no need to worry about possible hitbox inconsistency.

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