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Red Dead Online brings a hardcore take on Most Wanted

Published: 05:40, 03 March 2021
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Red Dead Online

Rockstar have rolled out the weekly update for Red Dead Online, and players can look forward to a week's worth of the dev's hardcore take on Most Wanted.

"This week’s Featured Series is a Hardcore take on Most Wanted, and the rules are simple. It’s kill or be killed, but as you climb the leaderboard, your hide becomes more valuable to opponents. Take out the highest value players to claw your way to the top", the dev explains. 

Regardless ofhow good you are on the draw, though, Red Dead Online players reward you with double the RDO$ and double the XP up until March 8, 2021.

Collectors are getting some love too, and discovering any collectible except the Condor Egg while in Free Roam nets you double the Role XP. 

In addition to the usual rewards, Red Dead Online players turning in the Tully Monster Fossil, Cephalophod Fossil and Rock Bass to Madam Nazar to complete the Deep Blue Collection will get an offer for 30 per cent off of Novice or Promising Collector Role Item of your choice. 

Red Dead Online is doing away with rank requirements on Fence weapons, namely Throwing Knives, Cleavers, Dynamite, Fire Bottles, Hatchets, Machetes and Tomahawks. Similarly, Rank requirements on all Pamphlets up to Rank 50 have been removed for the next seven days. 

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It will certainly be a great week for travel in Red Dead Online, as Rockstar made Fast Travel free. There's a usual set of discounts, like 30 per cent on Boots & Vests, 40 per cent off of Pennington Field Shovel & The Metal Detector, and 30 per cent off of Criollo Horses. 

You can find the announcement here

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