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Ready or Not update adds four new weapons and more

Published: 01:34, 31 January 2022
VOID Interactive
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Ready Or Not

Ready or Not received a chunky update that added more guns, modifications, maps and overall upgrades.

Void Interactive released a pretty big patch for Ready or Not that should refresh the game for the players in the near future. One of the highlights are the four new weapons:

  • R7 Launcher, a mag-fed pepperball gun that can be customised
  • Mk. 16, SCAR-H's little brother, chambered in 5.56
  • BCM MK1 - a goodie for the Supporter edition owners that doesn't offer a stat advantage over other 5.56 ARs
  • SLR 47 - modernised version of the most widespread AR in the world

Besides the new guns, existing ones are getting more options as well. M4, SBR-300, SA58, SR16 and HK416 can now have ATACR and SDR optics attached to them. These mods will also be available for the newcomers BCM MK1 and Mk. 16.

The update also provided three new test maps:

  • Valley
  • Fast Food
  • Penthouse

Devs noted that Penthouse is still a work in progress and it will show, so don't expect too much, lest you be severely disappointed. On the flip side, there are now working mirrors in the game, along with Vivox integration.

Night Vision goggles received a visual overhaul, which should make them more desirable to bring along but even if you don't see things properly, your AI teammates should make up for it because they have received behaviour upgrades of their own.

The patch is extremely chunky so we picked the highlights out but you can also check all the goods Void has in store for you.

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