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Rainbow Six Siege will now prevent hackers from entering private lobbies

Published: 15:28, 11 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise

Hackers found another way to ruin the experience of Rainbow Six Siege players but it appears that Ubisoft managed to deal with them albeit by restricting regular players ever so slightly.

Rainbow Six Siege, just like any other popular and competitive FPS, is suffering from cheaters on PC but Ubisoft seems to deal with them fairly quickly. While most are trying to climb ranks by compensating for their lack of skills with aimbot and wallhack, some are just in it to grief other players.

For example, the cheaters who forced themselves into private lobbies were focused on ruining the experience of groups of friends or any group of individuals that enjoyed playing with each other.

However, the latest R6 Siege update changed the way players join lobbies. It was a hotfix deployed over the last weekend which now requires only PC players to have at least one friend in a squad in order to join.

It doesn't matter whether it's a regular squad member or the host, as long as they are in your friend list. Considering most squads consist of people who have each other on the friend list already, this shouldn't impede the PC players too much, although it can be a minor inconvenience for friends to be.

Anyway, the change should be a positive one all around since it clips the script wings of any potential cheaters who were griefing groups of players. As far as we know, no Dokkaebis were hurt in deploying this patch.

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