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Rainbow Six Siege Lion's rework is ready for the next patch

Published: 02:15, 12 April 2019
Promotional image showing the two new Rainbow Six Siege operators - Finka and Lion in their CBRN uniforms.
Rainbow Six Siege Finka and Lion

Lion was a bit too successful in Rainbow Six Siege ever since he was introduced with Operation Chimera. Players have been calling for nerfs and reworks ever since and Ubisoft are ready to deploy their final iteration in the next patch.

Rainbow Six Siege's main source of issues with Lion was always coming from his gadget. It reveals any enemies who are moving, meaning the entire defence team had to stand still for four seconds each time Lion used his ability.

It is easy to see why the ability was so oppressive - the defence either had to be stuck in one place or be visible to the entire enemy team, through the walls.

The rework will address this issue by changing the way Lion gathers intel. His scans will still pick up any moving hostiles but they will not have a constant red outline anymore - they will instead be pinged the same way Alibi's gadget pings attackers.

Furthermore, the reveal period will last for 1.5 seconds instead of three. Since both these changes hit Lion's gadget hard, Ubisoft tried to compensate with the number of charges. EE-ONE-D will now be usable three times per round instead of just two, but will still provide a shorter period of scanning.

On the other hand, defenders will have less time to react to the scans now as the warning time has been halved. All of these changes have apparently been tailored to give defenders more opportunities to counter Lion's gadget usage, to make Lion more strategic about when to use it and defenders quicker on their toes when trying to react to the scan.

Overall, the changes should be hectic for both sides as each scan will be more dynamic before and will likely engage both defending and attacking operators in a hasty battle of wits.

Ubisoft Face reveal for Ash, one of Rainbow Six Siege operatives in a rather dark ambient. Rainbow Six Siege Ash

The rest of the developer insights were also interesting, especially considering that removal of ACOG, probably the most popular attachment, from Ash actually resulted in her . It also resulted in a lower pick rate, which probably means it's just the players who are well versed with the operator are still picking her, hence the higher win rate.

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