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Rainbow Six Siege: Containment start date, duration and gameplay unveiled

Published: 07:00, 03 August 2021
Rainbow Six Siege: Containment
Rainbow Six Siege: Containment

Ubisoft announced Containment, the prelude to Rainbow Six Extraction, which will be played in Rainbow Six Siege along with some of the rewards and game mechanics included.

Containment will be an event that will feature a new game mode that will be going on for three weeks, from August 3 to 24. It will be followed with other event-specific happenings such as new cosmetics that can be obtained through grind or microtransactions.

Nest Destruction is the name of the new game mode which will be a PvP-oriented affair rather than an L4D-style shooter against AI monsters. Players will be split into two teams - REACT Attack and REACT Defence. 

The attackers will be mostly the same as operators you would play in regular Rainbow Six Siege as they have access to weapons and gadgets in order to dispose of their enemies. As the game mode's name suggests, the main objective is to destroy the nests which will spawn the final objective in order to win the round.

Defenders, meanwhile, will be infected. This means they will not be able to carry weapons but they will have some other ways to compensate. Infected defenders will have a larger health pool, access to Aruni's punch and Oryx's abilities, meaning they will be crashing through various walls to get the drop on the operators.

A total of 33 cosmetic items will be present during Containment and they will be used by IQ, Ace, Blackbeard, Amaru and Zero for the Attackers or Aruni, Jager, Kaid, Mira and Warden for the Defenders.

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