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Rainbow Six gets limited-time event Snow Brawl with snow-themed Capture the Flag mode

Published: 11:16, 14 December 2021
Rainbow Six Snow Brawl event key art
Rainbow Six Snow Brawl event

Snow Brawl is now live in Rainbow Six Siege with a snow-themed Capture the Flag game mode 

Rainbow Six Siege's brand new limited-time event is named Snow Brawl and brings a special, snow-themed event to the game for the next three weeks. Snow Brawl adds the traditional Capture the Flag game mode, where players must defend their flag while capturing the flag of the opposing team and bringing it back to their base to score.

Those who participate in the event can forget about their standard weapons, though. Ubisoft confirmed that players will be equipped with unlimited snowballs as their main weapon and the Snowblast Launcher as their secondary. Three hits with a snowball will down a player and send them to respawn. 

You can also use various boosts that are scattered around the map to run faster, increase your rate of fire, and heal yourself. 

The Snow Brawl event will take place in a revisited Chalet map and will feature a limited selection of operators - The Blue Blades with Operators Ash, Blackbeard, Buck, Montagne, and Osa or The Orange Blizzard with Operators Castle, Frost, Rook, Thorn, and Vigil.

Last but certainly not least, the event comes with a ton of winter-themed items, a total of 45 of them to be more precise. Items include uniforms, headgear, matching weapon skins, and operator card portraits for those in The Orange Blizzards and The Blue Blades. 

There's also The Snowflake Bundle with includes a signature weapon skin, a universal attachment skin, charm, and background. The Snow Brawl Collection packs can be obtained by completing the special event challenges, or by purchasing them for 300 R6 Credits, or 12,500 Renown. All players who log into the game during the event will also get one free collection pack.

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