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Rage 2 will have cheats, no additional fees involved

Published: 23:36, 10 April 2019
A dumbass wasteland raider seems to be attempting to kick a speeding monster truck
Rage 2

Bethesda's upcoming shooter, Rage 2 will have many cheats for players who would like to kick back and relax without any worry about potential consequences of wasting ammo or not taking cover when being fired upon with a rocket launcher.

Rage 2 cheats will be available to all players, regardless of what platform they bought the game on or which edition they bought. They will also be present regardless of whether someone pre-ordered Rage 2 or not.

However, the deluxe edition will have three cheats enabled from get-go, while pre-ordering will grant the "He's On Fire!" cheat immediately. And yes, that cheat showcased on 01 April 2019 was not a joke.

Players who purchase the regular version of the game without pre-ordering will need to find an NPC named The Wasteland Wizard, who is apparently some mutant that can do some crazy things.

Anyway, let's get to the good part - explaining what each cheat does. The aforementioned "He's On Fire!" will grant the voice talent of Tim Kitzrow, making the already absurd game looking even more off-the-rails. You can play the trailer above and see what we mean.

Git Gud, other than being a reference to Dark Souls normies like yours truly, will make you pop enemies in one hit, no matter what you shoot them with. It could be BFG 9000 or a regular pistol, it will wreck anything in one hit. You can also channel your inner Saitama and go punching things into oblivion.

Son of Thor will make Walker electrified and any enemies that approach him will be electrocuted. Klegg Support will spawn a friendly NPC to help in combat, although judging by his description on the , he will likely be insufferable.

Bethesda Picture of the player ruining some NPC's day in Rage 2 Rage 2

Phoenix Rejector Seat is probably our favourite - it is the exact opposite of the Phoenix Ejector Seat. Instead of ejecting Walker out of the vehicle, it will instead leave him on the ground and propel the car in the air.

More cheats will apparently be added post-launch and some cheats will be available on a rotating basis.

RAGE 2 by Avalanche Studios, id Software and Bethesda

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Rage 2

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