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RAGE 2 will feature BFG 9000 from the DOOM series apparently

Published: 18:45, 10 April 2019
Updated: 20:02, 10 April 2019
Rage 2 - Shooting the Crusher

RAGE 2 will feature BFG 9000 from the DOOM series which was revealed in a new 13-minute-long gameplay video that also showcases the powers of another interesting gun, the Grav-Dart Launcher, sure to provide some ragdoll hilariousness.

Bethesda have announced that it will be id Software and Avalanche Studios at the helm of RAGE 2 development and the latest gameplay video showcases what each studio excels at.

Avalanche Studios took lead on the vehicular combat apparently, utilising their expertise from Just Cause and Mad Max games. RAGE 2 will feature quite the lineup of vehicles, including bikes, monster trucks and post-apocalyptic makeshift tanks.

On the other hand, id Software are aiming to deliver where they make the best products - high octane FPS action. RAGE 2 has been showing some DOOM vibes ever since the first gameplay bits popped up but they took it one step further by adding the iconic weapon of Doomguy, later known as Doom Slayer, the BFG 9000.

Just as a reminder, the acronym doesn't stand for Best Friend Gun since there isn't much love going on in either DOOM or RAGE universes. Also because

The weapon is shown only briefly at the end of the video as the apparently scripted gameplay takes a turn for the worse with two giant enemies almost killing Walker. His previous arsenal proved futile so he went for the last resort and whipped out the BFG 9000.

Meanwhile, the Grav-Dart Launcher may not be as useful against massive enemies but it is certainly great for large groups. The player is shown shooting darts into mutants and training dummies and then using an alternate fire mode to shoot another projectile in the air that would violently pull any enemies previously tagged with the weapon.

id Software Picture of the BFG 9000 in DOOM DOOM - BFG 9000

RAGE 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 14 May 2019 and so far it looks like the game will remain on Steam. On the not-so-bright side for Steam enthusiasts, the game will almost certainly be launched through launcher, regardless whether they bought it on Steam or Bethesda's own store.

RAGE 2 by Avalanche Studios, id Software and Bethesda

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Rage 2

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