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PUBG Update 12.2 brings new Taego map, Survivor Pass and more; now live on Test Server

Published: 15:36, 30 June 2021
PUBG's new Taego map
PUBG's new Taego map

PUBG developer Krafton have today revealed Update 12.2, which brings a brand new map named Taego, new Survivor Pass and more. The update is live on Test Server and will be coming July 7 on PC and 15 July on consoles.

PUBG Update 12.2 is now live on PC via Test Server. The full release is expected on July 7 on PC and July 15 on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The update brings a long-awaited new map named Taego, which is an 8x8 map set in 1980s South Korea. Update 12.2 also introduces Survivor Pass: Taego, which leans heavily on key themes from the new map. 

Taego will also come with some features that are exclusives to the map including Comeback BR, which is a second chance mechanic and Self AED, a self-revive item. This will certainly open up new gameplay possibilities and give players more chances to fix their mistakes during the match. 

We have to say that we're quite happy with the look of the new map. While it borrows some elements from other maps, you'll notice that towns look similar to the ones on Erangel, it also has some unique areas like the one you can see in the attached screenshots.

Krafton PUBG's Taego maps is set in South Korea PUBG's Taego maps is set in South Korea

Krafton also partnered up with Hyundai to bring Pony Coupe to the game. It is available exclusively on the Taego map, and features an all-wheel-drive design for enhanced control across the diverse terrain found throughout the map. Check it out below:

Krafton PUBG - Hyundai Pony Coupe PUBG - Hyundai Pony Coupe

For more details, check out the official PUBG Update 12.2 announcement post.

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