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PUBG New State is getting a new map

Published: 14:40, 31 December 2021
PUBG New State's new map
PUBG New State's new map

Krafton have teased a brand new map for their mobile title PUBG New State. The map is set to launch sometime in mid 2022. 

In their "Happy New Year" message to players, Krafton have shared a couple of new details regarding the future content for PUBG: New State. The developers confirmed that they are currently working on a brand new map for PUBG New State, and they even shared a couple of screenshots of the new battleground. You can check them out below and in our header image above. 

The map retains PUBG New State's futuristic look and we have to say that the envouroments look pretty cool. It's certainly one of the better looking maps that Krafton released so far for their PUBG titles. 

Krafton PUBG New State - new map PUBG New State - new map

The new map will be coming sometime in mid 2022, though, we don't have the exact release date. PUBG insider PlayerIGN reveals that PUBG New State's map could be coming be coming at the same time as new Kiki map for PUBG: Battlegrounds, Krafton's flagship and biggest PUBG title releases.

All in all, the new map is still months away so players will need to stick to Troi and Erangel 2051, the two main maps in New State.

PUBG New State is available now on both iOS and Android mobile devices. You can check out Krafton's New Year post on their official blog. 

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