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PUBG New States gets animated metal music video

Published: 10:59, 31 August 2021
PUBG New State - shot from the music video
PUBG New State - shot from the music video

Krafton and PUBG company have dropped a special music video for PUBG State featuring the American metal band Ice Nine Kills.

Krafton and PUBG company are soon releasing PUBG: New State, a brand new mobile game that recently had its second closed alpha test. The game is expected to launch next year. 

To hype up the release, Krafton and PUBG have today shared a brand new metal music video, which showcases PUBG New State universe and the world of Troi. It's more or less a lore video with some cool metal music in the background. Speaking about cool metal music, the song has been composed by the American metal band Ice Nine Kills. 

Check out the PUBG: New State music video below:

The music video is nicely done and it gives us a clear introduction to the new battleground, which does look much different from the usual PUBG maps. New State is more futuristic and features new gadgets that are not available in other PUBG games. It's probably a taste of things that will be coming to PUBG on PC and consoles at a later date.

You can pre-order PUBG: New State on both  Apple App Store and Google Play right now. Those who pre-order permanently get a limited vehicle skin.

The game will be coming to mobile exclusively - iOS and Android - on February 25, 2021. 

For more news about the game, make sure to follow PUBG: New State official social media channel and website.

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