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PUBG Corp acknowledge the leak about PUBG's map remastering

Published: 15:30, 07 March 2019
Picture of the leaked changes for Erangel map in PUBG
PUBG - Erangel remastered

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fans have leaked planned changes for Erangel on Reddit and now PUBG Corp have acknowledged the leaks were correct and they are indeed working on ways to alter the game flow by changing the map layout.

PUBG Corp have confirmed they are working on changing several PUBG maps and Erangel is just the first in line. The announcement came on the wings of a leak on Reddit where players figured out the changes are coming through a .

The same person who posted the leak also pointed to several detailed screenshots, each depicting changes from a different perspective. For example, there is a screenshot from the current map, another one shows and one particularly interesting screenshot shows for Erangel, with a bonus one on the map.

To clarify, Tier 3 buildings do not necessarily have better loot than regular shacks or garages, it simply means there is a higher concentration of loot there. In other words, one building will contain many loot spawns and searching for the good stuff will not mean simply identifying one of these buildings, looting it and ending up in full armour, helm, Kar93 and enough energy drinks to give yourself a heart attack several times over.

Fans were not happy with so many compounds being added to Erangel, fearing they would end up making the map feel cramped. Their fears may be valid but might also turn out to be unfounded. In the official PUBG Corp post where they acknowledged the leaks, the company stated that these screenshots are "just a snapshot in time", meaning that the map might come out wildly different than what was represented in those pictures.

PUBG Corp Vikendi, PUBG's new snow map PUBG, Vikendi

Still, the fans are not exactly happy as they simply asked for a bump in loot tables and not more buildings as the latter means more looting with no guarantee of getting meaningful items on top of oversaturating the map with unnecessary buildings.

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Dino Park on Vikendi map

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