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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sheds 600K daily peak concurrent users in February

Published: 19:13, 20 February 2018
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Well, it's safe to say PUBG's downward slope is slowly turning into a Steam trend, a concerning thought indeed. Don't buy into the headlines though - if PUBG is a game that's going to die soon, then other titles already on the market don't even qualify as having been born yet.

Now we're most certainly not very un-good with numbers, but we're no financial analysts either, so don't expect us to be dividing social allowance of Bluehole's lift-boys with the distance they cover per annum to deduce some number that shows how company stock performed in Maui. We're measuring a pulse, baby - by way of traffic stats.

Also, don't think we're advocating hysteria or anything, because we're not - the game is still a , almost quadrupling the figures of its next best competitor. So, even the 600K loss doesn't really seem that tragic. Not for PUBG, not yet.

PUBG Corp Vandalised PUBG poster complaining about hackers. PUBG

Users have been clamouring for larger scale changes for quite a while now, but are their pleas are constantly falling on deaf ears. Guys, maybe someone could've just knocked? Nope, there's no doors on .

Not all is as peachy though - remember how only months earlier, PUBG Corp's survival shooter was racking up 3 million concurrent users, with everyone wondering as to why? The graphics were quirky and glitchy, performance was lousy, etc. Epic's Fortnite Battle Royale is picking up speed somewhat fast and in general just looks vastly superior.

Players have filled customary buckets with tears and who have considerable experience in listening to moaning and feigning psychotherapy.

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