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PUBG's first post-launch update deals with lag and rubber-banding

Published: 12:03, 29 December 2017
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG's PC version got its first post-launch update. The dev team took to Steam to explain why lag and rubber-banding are so difficult to get rid of. After the patch, the team will continue to monitor the servers.

PUBG's first "post full release" patch was aimed at server issues such as lag and rubber-banding. The dev team discussed those issues in a blog post yesterday, before they rolled out a patch that would hopefully fix the problems.

Lag and character position readjustment issues were caused, in part, by the addition of the new content that was attached to the game before it launched:

"Contrary to most expectations, there is a combination of causes that lead to the in-game lag and character position readjustment issues. The issues cannot be attributed to one or two causes and have stemmed from a combination of different factors which is why we need to continuously work on resolving and investigating the problem."

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"We upgraded our game engine to the latest version and made changes to the game when we added new content. The problem resulted from these changes as well as several other causes."

The latest patch removed some inefficiencies in server infrastructure and optimised the in-game servers to alleviate the problem. The team also worked to reduce the bottleneck issue during the game server launch phase. Your experience should be less laggy the next time you log on.

Even though the update is live, the team will continue to run "internal tests and deploying more updates to gradually mitigate the problem". Not very comforting to know the dev team is not fully confident that they've fixed the issue. 

The latest patch also squashed some bugs - namely the one that sent players to Miramar more than it did to Erangel. Your chances are now 50/50. Full patch notes can be found on . The game's replay system also received some TLC but that won't save you from the .

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