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PUBG celebrates 5th anniversary with special drops

Published: 07:09, 24 March 2022
PUBG 5th Anniversary
PUBG 5th Anniversary

Krafton announced the celebrations for PUBG's 5th anniversary and players will be able to grab some cosmetics free of charge.

Time flies and it seems like it was only yesterday that the world went crazy over the battle royale genre, thanks to PUBG. However, all of that started half a decade ago and the game is celebrating its fifth anniversary on March 23, 2022. The celebration will include bonuses for logging in, completing daily missions and inviting people to play PUBG .

On PC platforms Steam and KAKAO, these bonuses will last just under two weeks:

  • Start - March 23
  • Finish - April 4

Meanwhile, on consoles, it will all be shifted by one day:

  • Start - March 24
  • Finish - April 6

Some of the loot you can acquire through just logging in includes:

  • PUBG 5th Anniversary outfit set
  • XP boosts
  • 5th Anniversary Spray
  • Contraband coupons
  • Level coupons
  • Polymer
  • Bengal Tiger parachute
  • PUBG 5th Paniversary Pan skin

Bengal Tiger Parachute and the pan skin are awarded for login streaks - 3 days and seven days, respectively. The parachute is a limited time item so it won't stay forever in your inventory.

Another interesting reward is available for those who complete missions. The legacy outfit is awarded upon earning 400 points and it appears that each day offers two missions that carry 50 points each.

You can check the looks of these rewards, as well as the rewards for inviting friends on the official anniversary site or in the trailer above.

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