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PUBG buffs M416 and M12 to bring them up to par

Published: 23:45, 09 February 2022
PUBG - Mk 12
PUBG - Mk 12

Krafton announced that they would buff some of the guns that weren't performing as well as the top picks in PUBG so the new matches should look a bit more diverse and interesting.

PUBG has been dominated by various weapons over its life span but M416 probably had the longest reign, partially because the gun was generally enjoyed by the players so it took a while for the complaints to yield nerfs. However, upon nerfing just about every aspect of the gun, a new king arose in the AR section - Beryl M762. 

Now, instead of nerfing Beryl, Krafton decided to buff M416 so it's a powerful pick once again. Patch 16.1 brought several buffs for the weapon as the damage was increased from 40 to 41, initial bullet speed increase went from 780m/s to 880m/s and the damage dropoff range was pushed back to 60m, up from 50.

Overall, the gun should be much more reliable at medium range and it's possible it will properly challenge the Beryl. However, it's not the only weapon that's getting buffs with this update .

Mk 12 DMR should now be closer to its main competitor, the SLR, as the damage got buffed from 50 to 51, dropoff range was pushed from 75 to 90 metres and it will now spawn in every available map for both normal and ranked queues.

Furthermore, the spawn settings for Custom Matches have been updated to accommodate these changes and now it only remains to be seen whether Mk 12 can stand up to its counterpart.

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