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PS5 release date leaked by a PS5 wall-mount ad on Amazon

Published: 14:31, 09 September 2020
PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

Another day, another leak, this time for the PlayStation 5 release date, which fits with the planned release window of Holiday 2020. Could this be THE leak? And what is the PS5 wall mount?

If we’re talking about information leaks in the gaming industry, the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon (ok, Ubisoft too). The freshest leak is perhaps the most unusual. 

Namely, it is about the leak of the release date of the PS5 console, and it is November 19, which fits with the Holiday 2020. If this ad on Amazon turns out to be correct, the PS5 release date will be leaked by the 3rd party manufacturer of accessories named "Floating Grip", for their product 'PS5 Wall mount", available to pre-order from Amazon UK for £19.99. 

The ad for the wall mount was noticed by a random reddit user, and we don't know what the wall mount for PS5 is for. Well, except for the.. wall mounting? But we can't even imagine how, or what, or where.. It’s important to note that none of this has been confirmed either by Amazon, or by Floating Grip, or by Sony, and a possible scenario is that Floating Grip is simply speculating when the release date might be.

AltChar Amazon ad for Floating Grips' Wall-mount for PS5 console with specification PS5 Wall mount by Floating Grip (Amazon UK)

If this date turns out to be correct, it means that Sony will release its console just over a week after Microsoft launches the Xbox Series S. 

There are more and more miscellaneous leaks, and Sony will probably have to plug the holes by addressing the public about its planned activities related to the PlayStation 5. Release date, price, the start of pre-orders, etc. We want to know it all!

The highly-anticipated Sony's next-gen console is in the spotlight after Microsoft revealed prices for both Xbox Series S ($299) and Xbox Series X (499) consoles, coming in November 10, with pre-orders starting September 22. 

We can almost taste the smell of our new consoles.

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