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Project Athia will be timed exclusive on consoles

Published: 23:01, 07 December 2020
Luminous Productions
Project Athia
Project Athia

Project Athia had one of those teasers that got everyone excited but it appears that some console owners will have to wait longer than others. Much longer.

Timed exclusivity is that annoying marketing move the big companies do to draw customers to their service or hardware, resulting in the rest of the gamers having to wait longer to play a game because one huge corporation decided it needs more attention.

It has happened again and this time it was Sony doing the time-limited snatching of Project Athia. The game's teaser impressed many as it received positive feedback on the internet, which didn't escape Sony's marketing team.

The company's latest trailer, showcasing new and upcoming PS5 games, revealed an exclusivity logo during Project Athia's section and the internet quickly picked up on this detail. 

From here on out, you can see some good and some bad news, depending on where you are standing. If you have access to a gaming PC besides your Xbox consoles, you will be fine - the game will come out at the same time on PS5 and PC.

On the flip side, if you only have an Xbox console, you will have to wait two years longer than PS5 owners to play Project Athia. This is probably the longest timed exclusivity deal in the recent history and it's coming just as it looked like the trend was starting to fade.

Timed exclusivity on platforms, be it consoles or storefronts on PC, started becoming shorter lately but this one just mauled the other deals and made sure XSX owners will not get the game for a long while.

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