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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid gets Collector's Edition

Published: 00:38, 14 October 2020
Maximum Games
Power Rangers
Power Rangers

Maximum Games announced that Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid got Collector's Edition on consoles, roughly one year after the original release.

Collector's Edition of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The contents of the proverbial box include the base game, Season 1 pass, Lauren Shiba character, Lord Drakkon Evo II skin and Kimberly Hart Pink Ranger skin. In the case of the Season 1 pass, it means you are getting one skin and three post-release characters.

The naming is somewhat odd since Collector's Edition usually means a physical box of contents that includes memorabilia like figurines or posters. This is not the case with Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - it simply serves as a sort of Complete Edition that we see in other games.

Anyway, the fighting game saw some major love from the fans in its base version so it's possible this edition will see a lot of traffic regardless of the misleading branding.

If you're not familiar with the title yet, it's a fighting game not unlike Street Fighter series where the 16 characters seen in this particular edition duke it out in eight different arenas.

Besides the regular modes, players can look forward to taking down Megazord in his own mode.

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