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PlayStation London Studio could be making an online fantasy title

Published: 14:59, 20 May 2022
PlayStation London Studio
PlayStation London Studio

Job listing suggests that London Studio's new game could have co-op elements and a fantasy setting with magic

It's no secret that Sony have a bunch of live service games in the works - from first-party studios like Firesprite and Naughty Dog to third-party partners such as Deviation Games - Sony plan to release ten new live service games by 2026.  

One of these ten games could also be the new IP from PlayStation London, a studio mostly known for their VR work. According to the info found in the most recent job listing, London Studio might be working on a fantasy live service game.

PlayStation London Studio are on the lookout for someone who has a "passion for both making and playing magic-based games where great gameplay is supported with fascinating fantasy world-building".

Additionally, the job listing highlights a campaign, side quests and games as a service (GaaS) approach with years of support. 

SONY A white Sony PlayStation logo on a black background PlayStation

PlayStation London Studio job listing details:

  • Creation of an initial campaign to introduce the world and characters, then ongoing campaign to develop the narrative and introduce new content.
  • Objectives and Story beats for side quests and missions.
  • Development of an intriguing backstory and world lore which sets up years of ongoing story.
  • An excellent understanding of non-linear narrative systems and how to deliver story in an ongoing or GaaS game.

Hopefully, we'll hear more about Sony's upcoming live service game at their next big showcase, which could be happening sometime this summer. 

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