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Playond will not deny Wonder Blade to users who purchased it previously

Published: 13:14, 30 September 2019
Puppet Depot Game Studio
Wonder Blade - Sliding down a hill
Wonder Blade - Sliding down a hill

Wonder Blade is one of a number of mobile games that got a different publisher, Bending Spoons, recently and players who purchased it couldn't play without subscribing to Playond. This stands to change and will be available to all buyers.

Wonder Blade is one of the mobile games that recently changed hands and the new publisher, Bending Spoons, found themselves in a controversy over potential license revoking . According to additional info provided to AltChar by the publisher, this will not be the case after all, as Playond will provide access to anyone who purchased Wonder Blade and any other games before they became exclusive to the service.

There are two ways this will be done - some games will have two copies while others will have just one. 

In the case of Wonder Blade, but not limited to, only one copy will exist in the future and those who purchased the game but are not subscribed to Playond will need to reclaim the ownership. This can be done by tapping the "I already bought this game" button when launching the app. Should the button not appear, Playond staff encourage users to contact support for help with the process.

Meanwhile, some other games such as Crashlands will have two copies at the same time with one reserved for the subscribers and the other for those who purchased them before Playond. In this case, it will be enough to just get the copy that corresponds to your method of payment. Furthermore, both versions will be maintained, regardless of the means of obtaining the game.

Playond developers also noted the subscription pricing has been reduced after in-app purchases were approved. There are also new features that should "make the service more inclusive and open to players" in the pipeline.

Puppet Depot Game Studio Wonder Blade fight in progress Wonder Blade fight in progress

It appears that the whole problem originated in App ID transfers because these games changed publishers. The lack of explanation to final users seems to be why they found themselves in what looked like a dead-end but Playond is evidently evolving to provide access to anyone who paid for the service's games, regardless of whether it was a subscription or a one-time purchase. 

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