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Playdate production temporarily stopped, dev previews to go as planned

Published: 10:13, 20 March 2020
Panic Inc.
Playdate by Panic Inc.

Global coronavirus concerns and/or crises have already made a dent on the gaming industry and it turns out that production of Playdate, the yellow little crank-sporting handheld, is affected as well. That said, the dev thought ahead.

"The Playdate team is now all working from home, but we're still getting a lot done. Right now we're working with our Season One game teams to finalize and QA test their games, preparing for our developer preview (soon!), adding new features to our OS, and more", Panic Inc wrote in their last update.

Their clever planning ensured that the shutdown of their Malaysian factory shouldn't affect the launch plans, at least for the time being. The shutdown is expected to last at least a few weeks, but unless things really take a turn for the worse - Panic Inc's launch plans remain unchanged. 

Panic Inc have already produced a few hundred developer samples of Playdate, which will be shipped to their recipients once the Playdate Developer Preview page goes up. Other than that, they stressed that everyone on the team is perfectly fine and that they hope to bring some joy to everyone in 2020.

Playdate's quirky but sleek and compact design has caught our attention big time, not least for being entirely different to anything the gaming console market currently offers. 

The console's crank has been utilised to the max, with a number of developers taking advantage of the quirky mechanic. For what it's worth - it really looks fun, but we should know more soon. 

"And oh, I guess this is also a first look at Panic's own Playdate game b360, one of the first games we made to test the system. And also a little peek at v0.2 of our purple cover. There's lots to work on when you're making a whole new game system", Panic Inc said. 

Playdate, compact and slim handheld coming from Panic Inc.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Playdate by Panic Inc.

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