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Phil Spencer on Steam Deck, cloud streaming

Published: 14:56, 16 August 2021
Updated: 21:21, 16 August 2021
Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer had kind words for Valve's Steam Deck on Twitter
Phil Spencer had kind words for Valve's Steam Deck on Twitter

Valve's Steam Deck recently found its way into the hands of Xbox chief Phil Spencer, who praised its screen size, controls, xCloud and SD solutions.

Last week, Xbox boss, Twitter member, and ice cream enthusiast Phil Spencer got to spend some time testing out Valve's upcoming Steam Deck. No doubt he liked what he saw as he tweeted out some high praise for the handheld device.

Spencer informed his followers that he visited the Valve Software headquarters where he met with the company's head honchos to discuss Steam Deck. He walked away from the encounter with his own device, which he immediately tested out playing Halo and Age of Empires, of course.

He also praised the ability to play on the go, Deck's screen size and controls, adding that xCloud works well, and offering his congratulations to Valve's SD team.

This sneak peek into the early version of the Steam Deck doesn't imply that Xbox will partner up whit Valve, it just means that being Phil Spencer equals a bunch of fun toys. However, the arrival of the Deck could open up more doors for gamers who would like to experience their favourite Xbox titles on a handheld platform.

The Steam Deck is set to hit the shelves this December. One great stocking stuffer.

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