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Over 100.000 players don't want Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's rule change

Published: 11:30, 02 April 2018
Terrorists are protesting against something on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's dust map.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rules

Valve have recently changed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's trading system, prompting an outrage within their community. The new system requires players to wait for seven days before trading their items, and they clearly don't want to.

With the new ruling, any items the players receive through trading will go on a week-long cooldown period, which will prevent players from trading them before the timer expires. Valve have attempted to put a stop to frequent trading made possible by third party services, in other words - bots.

Valve have stated that these ''third-party services have become a vector for fraud or scams'' due to their nature to trade each item very frequently. They have also added that players move these items between each other once a week in the vast majority of cases. Well, that probably means CS:GO has millions of active players since there are over 114.000 signatures on a to remove this feature. As the ''vast majority'' of players don't trade these items more than once a week, I doubt they signed it.

Valve Counter Strike: Global Offensive weapons are placed on a rack, with different skins. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin trade will go down

Well, as you may have guessed, this is not true. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam charts page shows the game's all-time peak is 850.485 players, with 715.850 peak this year. This means that 15,9 per cent of the current player base have signed this petition within three days of its existence and it keeps growing on daily basis. 

While 84,1 per cent is indeed a majority, it may still not be a good idea for Valve to aggravate over 114 thousand of their players. This number is bound to keep going up as this change is bound to disrupt the skin trading and gambling. Some major frequent traders, such as Nicolai ''dev1ce'' Reedtz have openly this change, saying that the sites that use bots already have enough skins in their stockpile that the cooldown will barely affect them at all, as they will just implement a rotation in their trades.

Valve Skin prices in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive market are reaching some ridiculous numbers. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin prices

On the other hand, players that do more trades than the regular ones, but fewer than the bot sites, in order to gather smaller profits will be hit hard. Their hobby or revenue stream will go through the floor.

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