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PC settings found in Red Dead Redemption 2 game files

Published: 16:56, 05 September 2019
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GTAForums user Video Tech has found PC version settings in Red Dead Redemption 2 game files. Video Tech shared findings in a detailed forum post, revealing texture settings, MSAA, refresh rate, shading, grass quality and monitor settings.

Rumours about Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version just won't go away. Earlier this month, a Reddit user claimed that Rockstar Games could reveal the PC version of their award-winning mammoth on Stadia Event, which took place just a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, the claim was far from the truth but the latest details from one GTAForums user are a solid proof that Rockstar could indeed launch the western on PC, or at least they had plans to do it.

GTAForums user who goes by the name of Video Tech UK has published a post in which he presents his findings - settings for the PC version of the game. The settings which the user found in Red Dead Redemption 2's game files include various graphics options such as texture quality, MSAA, refresh rate, shading, grass quality and monitor settings.

He also claims that his findings reveal that the port will support DirectX12 and DirectX 11, which is, of course, nothing new for the modern AAA games. Furthermore, there is proof of the monitor settings which you can see in the lines of code below.

Of course, this is far from confirmation that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC, but it's another piece of the puzzle and right now, it becomes more and more believable that Rockstar are indeed working on the PC version. It's worth mentioning that Rockstar Games never officially denied that they plan to release the PC version.

GTAForums artwork showing lines of code found in Red Dead Redemption 2 game files Lines of code found in Red Dead Redemption 2 game files

Anyway, if you play Red Dead Redemption 2 on consoles, take a look at the and a ton of other content. The update is coming on 10 September 2019.

You can find Video Tech UK's Red Dead Redemption 2 post on .

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