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Payday 3 is in full production and targeting 2023 release date

Published: 11:36, 27 April 2022

Developer Overkill Software have confirmed that Payday 3 has entered full production and will be releasing sometime in 2023. 

Payday 3 has been announced a while back but we don't know much about the game despite that. The only info that the devs have shared since the announcement is that they will be switching to Unreal Engine 4 for the development of the game, ditching the Valhalla game engine in the process. 

Recently we got some info about the game from the development team themselves, who confirmed that Payday 3 is still pretty much underway and coming soon. Over on Reddit , Community Manager for Overkill Software confirmed that the game has entered full production.

"And yes, PAYDAY 3 is in full production now, but we are still limited on what we can say about that." When asked about the release date, they simply replied "2023", without giving a more specific timeframe. 

Overkill Payday 2 - Breakfast in Tijuana Payday 2 - Breakfast in Tijuana

We expect to see more of the game later this year and in 2023, closer to the release. Payday 3 is expected to be launching on the PC platform and consoles - last-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and current-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The publisher Starbreeze revealed earlier that they plan to support the game with post-launch content for years after the release so expect a live service game with new maps, weapons, and characters that will be added regularly.

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