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Papers, Please gets a short film - is it us or does this guy look like Sir Alex Ferguson?

Published: 15:21, 26 February 2018
A man resembling Sir Alex Ferguson handing a passport in movie Papers, Please
3909 LLC: Papers, Please

You've got to give it to Kingdom Productions - when they strive for realism, they nail it, even if the subject matter may be as mundane as checking papers in an Arstotzkan border booth in Papers, Please.

The film is set in 1982 in East Grestin, Arstotzka, after a 6 year armed conflict with neighbouring Kolechia. With an apparent "fragile peace", the film follows the events in the game - a passport control booth operator is in charge of making the choices that matter.

In the movie, the protagonist seems to size up a Sir Alex Ferguson look alike, and there's even a guy peculiarly resembling Smokey from the Big Lebowski. We're not going to spoil the entire video by saying what happens, but we will say this - karma is unforgiving when daring to question Sir Alex, even if it is only a lookalike.

In case you haven't had a chance to play the game, do yourself a favour and play it, because it's worth it. Of course, that's unless you insist on traditionally structured games with a clearer definition of rewarding gameplay. Or if you expect fun.

3909 LLC Several documents submitted for review in the game Papers, Please 3909 LLC: Papers, Please

Namely, Papers, Please will put you in the shoes of the poor sod in the video above, stamping papers and looking for discrepancies so as to deny other poor sods entry into the glorious state of Arstotzka.

chose to as an "exercise in thankless repetition" and a "greyish miasma of futility", which means it's got to be good, right? This time you can at least have a HD image of what's going to happen if you fail, eh?

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