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Rainswept - an indie murder mystery coming in 2018

Published: 15:34, 25 December 2017
Frostwood Interactive
Detective Anderson smoking a cigarette while a ghostly figure approaches

Rainswept is an indie title currently under development by Frostwood Interactive. The game will get a teaser trailer and a demo on 02 January, 2018. The soundtrack is being composed by Micamic.

Hello there. I hope you're doing well. It's Christmas Day and we're going to talk about an indie game that's been in development for about a year now. The name's Rainswept and it was inspired by Korean neo noir films, and TV shows like Twin Peaks.

It's a story driven "experience"not unlike To the Moon, Night in the Woods, Firewatch or Life is Strange. The plot follows Detective Michael Anderson - a Constantine cosplayer - as he enters the small town of Pineview to solve an open and shut murder case that doesn't require his expertise at all. Or does it.

Frostwood Interactive Detective Michael Anderson inspecting a room Rainswept

In order to play Rainswept, you'll have some pointing and clicking to do. Just like in any other adventure game, conversations will play a big role in solving the murder-suicide case. Don't forget to explore every single nook and cranny the locals will give you access to and be prepared for some light puzzle-solving action. You'll also be allowed to make some choices that can affect the game's story.

Officer Blunt will be there to assist and help Detective Anderson discover the truth behind Chris and Diane's story. Mr Anderson's past will, of course, come back to haunt him the  further he pursues the case. Also, be prepared for rain. Lots of it.

Rainswept doesn't have a trailer yet, but that'll change when a teaser trailer along with a demo drops on 02 January. 

Frostwood Interactive Detective Anderson and Officer Blunt walking outside Rainswept

The game is being developed by Frostwood Interactive, a studio found by Armaan Sandhu. The soundtrack is being composed by Micamic, the composer behind Harvester Games' excellent 2012 indie title "The Cat Lady"

will launch for PC, Mac and Linux in 2018.

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