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Overwatch Summer Games event starts next week

Published: 18:24, 02 August 2017
Updated: 18:25, 02 August 2017
Overwatch Summer Games

The Overwatch Summer Games event from 2016 will be making another appearance in 2017. This time around there is a new Lúcioball stadium, some changes and nerfs to that mode's mechanics, and you guessed it - skins and lootbox things, new and old.

The Rio themed Overwatch Summer Games event from last year is back this Summer and so is its signature Lúcioball mode. This time around, games will be taking place in a brand new Sydney stadium, along with the already familiar Rio one. The event is set to start on 8 August and last all the way up to 29 August 2017.

Blizzard Overwatch Summer Games Overwatch Summer Games

There will be a competitive Lúcioball variant called Copa Lúcioball during the 3 event weeks. Playing 10 games will grant players a special spray, and placing in the top 500 will be rewarded with a very special spray. Lúcioball has also gone through some changes on a mechanical level, based on player feedback.

If you watched the first 2/3 of the video above you already know that there is a lot of lootbox and skin stuff going on during the event as well. Some skins that were only unlockable previously, can now be purchased with currency.


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