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Overwatch 2: New Battle Pass changes will help to unlock Ramattra faster

Published: 14:30, 06 December 2022
Overwatch 2 players will now have the chance to unlock Ramattra at Battle Pass level 45
Overwatch 2 players will now have the chance to unlock Ramattra at Battle Pass level 45

Overwatch 2 new season starts today, December 6, 2022. With the new season 2, Blizzard Entertainment made some changes to the Battle Pass system, so players can unlock new hero Ramattra sooner.

Ramattra, Overwatch 2's newest tank, is set to be released today, December 6, but only players who have purchased the premium Battle Pass will be able to access the new hero immediately. Blizzard i s currently making adjustments.

Previously, free Battle Pass players would have had to grind to level 55 to acquire the next tank hero, but the Overwatch 2  game developers have indicated that it would be simpler than expected owing to several upgrades.

Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller highlighted big improvements to the Battle Pass in a social media post, which will be exciting for both free and premium battle pass gamers.

According to Aaron Keller, after reviewing data from Season 1, Ramattra will be moved from level 55 of the Battle Pass to level 45. Players with premium battle pass will have the new hero immediately. The premium paid battle pass for Overwatch 2 will offer quick access to Ramattra as well as a 20% XP increase for the duration of the pass. 

The cost of that edition of the pass is $9.99, or 1,000 Overwatch Coins. However, Blizzard was heavily chastised for tying new heroes to the battle pass, causing users to either pay or grind through the game for weeks to gain access to a hero that other players already owned.

And, while many players obtained Kiriko roughly halfway through the first season, many players disliked rising up the free version of the pass, earning little gifts along the way, and being locked out of a new support character.

Unlike Kiriko, the new hero from Season 1, who could be unlocked at battle pass level 55, Ramattra will be available to all Overwatch 2 players who achieve level 45 in the new battle pass.


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