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Outcast: Second Contact is free to download for a limited time

Published: 14:09, 23 November 2018
Appeal Games
picture showing main character from Outcast second contact
Outcast: Second Contact

Appeal Studio's remake of the sci-fi action adventure classic - Outcast Second Contact is free to download on Humble Store in the next 24 hours. The game is DRM free so it's not a Steam version. You'll get the direct download link instead.

We may have some crazy sales and discounts at the moment with Black Friday madness in full effect, but nothing beats a good old freebie. Appeal Studio probably shares the same thoughts as they offer Outcast: Second Contact for free on the Humble Bundle store.

The promotion will be live for 24 hours and of course, once you grab it, the game is yours forever. All you have to do is to subscribe to Humble Bundle's newsletter which is a rather reasonable requirement to get the game at no cost.

Released back in November 2017, Outcast: Second Contact is a remake of the classic sci-fi action adventure Outcast from 1999. The story follows an elite soldier named Cutter Slade as he explores the alien planet Adhelpha.

Some of the game's features include fast-paced gameplay with a cover system as well as high-end gadgets and weapons. The players also get to explore the diverse open world which changes based on the player's actions in its ecosystem.

Steam reviews are mostly positive with a score of 89 per cent. Players praise the game for its story, music, and overall improvements while staying true to the original level design and quests. Others had some minor cons saying that the game becomes repetitive pretty quickly and could improve on its clunky controls.

Bigben Outcast – Second Outcast – Second

Keep in mind that this one is a DRM free version which means it's a direct download and not a redeemable Steam code. If you prefer to own it on Steam though, the game is currently on Steam Autumn Sale and you can grab it for £8.99 which is 70 per cent off from the original price tag. 

If Outcast: Second Contact sounds like something you would love to play, you can download the game The freebie will expire on 24 November 2018 at 10 AM Pacific time, which is 7 PM Central European Time.

Outcast Second Contact - a sci-fi action adventure remake

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Outcast - Second Contact

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