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Obsidian don't really like the bashing of Fallout 76

Published: 21:44, 13 February 2019
Obsidian Entertainment
A city setting from Obsidian Entertainment's The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment's CEO Feargus Urquhart has heard some truly wild propositions in the quest of fans to pit them against Bethesda, even suggesting they knew Fallout 76 will flop back in 2015, but the man isn't very happy about them.

In case you're not familiar with why this is, you should know that Obsidian was in charge of development on Fallout: New Vegas, whose popularity ultimately led to work on The Outer Worlds.

Urquhart said that he completely respects Bethesda's decision to take Fallout in a different direction, seeing as how it is their franchise after all.

What they themselves wanted is to give people more of what Fallout once was and with Fallout: New Vegas still garnering a large following, Obsidian thought it's worth a shot.

"Maybe that’s a bad decision from the standpoint of the number of people that will buy it. I don’t know", Urquhart said, "People seem to really enjoy what Fallout: New Vegas was, so let's give them an experience that's as similar as we can to that."

That, however, doesn't mean that Obsidian has any ill feelings towards Bethesda and the company most certainly didn't know that Fallout 76 will get such reviews back when they set out to make The Outer Worlds, Urquhart added.

Unfortunately for Obsidian, many militant fans who think Bethesda are ruining the entire franchise with Fallout 76 are likely to continue using The Outer Worlds as the stick to beat Bethesda with. Ironically enough, the better job Obsidian do with their game, the bigger that stick will become.

It all seemed to start with the trailer for The Outer Worlds, and Urquhart remembers it. "People even said things about our trailer, 'Oh man, just slamming it home to Bethesda!' because we said the original creators of Fallout and makers of Fallout: New Vegas"

Obsidian Picture of Berke dialogue options in The Outer Worlds The Outer Worlds - Berke

Ultimately though, Obsidian are aware of how painstakingly difficult game development can be and aren't happy about their work being used to bash the work of their colleagues, quite understandably so. 

You can find Urquhart's statement and interviews with The Outer Worlds co-directors

The Outer Worlds, action RPG by Obsidian Entertainment

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The Outer Worlds

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