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Viking strategy Northgard is leaving Early Access soon

Published: 17:28, 26 February 2018
Shiro Games
Northgard poster showing northern landscape featured in the game.

Northgard is one of those indie games that saw remarkable success in their Early Access stage. Shiro Games, the developers of Northgard, now have their sights on a proper game launch, come 7 March 2018.

Northgard's full version will feature a single-player campaign that consists of 11 missions which will follow the story of Rig, who is seeking vengeance for his father's murder. His father happened to be the King of the Vikings who are divided into six clans. Rig's friend, Brand of the Clan of the Stag, accompanies him on his quest.

According to Shiro Games, Northgard has sold over 600.000 copies during its stay in Early Access which already made the game a success. They will be looking to expand this number with the game's official launch, which shouldn't be too hard considering the game has 82 per cent positive reviews in the past 30 days and 89 percent overall.

Shiro Games Northgard screenshot showing an enemy type named Draugr who are undead warriors. Northgard

As players colonise Northgard they will have to contend with its former inhabitants such as wolves and other wildlife as well as some unnatural creatures, such as the undead Draugr. Hostile creatures are not the only enemy in the game though, since this RTS has a season mechanic. One the winter comes, food gathering gets harder and you have to manage your food supply before this happens or your colonies will starve.

While this is a certainly refreshing addition to the standard RTS formula, the game is somewhat small scale. There aren't doomstacks in the standard sense of the slang, and the numbers you can send into battle are more reminiscent of Warhammer 40K than for example Age of Empires series.

Shiro Games Screenshot from Northgard showing a player's army in the woods. Northgard

Northgard is technically available right now as an Early Access game but the official launch could have a discount coming with it so it might be a good idea to wait it out until 7 March 2018. Currently, the game's price on Steam is about £25 or $29,99 if you're in the US .

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