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No Man's Sky is coming to Xbox One this summer, along with an update named NEXT

Published: 15:06, 29 March 2018
Hello Games
Promotional image for the upcoming update to No Man's Sky and subsequent Xbox One port.
No Man's Sky NEXT

Hello Games have announced their ''largest update so far'' for No Man's Sky which is coming this summer. They have dubbed the update NEXT and it will introduce the game to Xbox One, on top of updating the existing PC and PS4 versions.

This announcement came ''out of the blue'' on the Twitter account belonging to Sean Murray, one of the founders of Hello Games. Murray claims that this ''largest update so far'' will arrive for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Xbox One wasn't a supported platform so far, which means it's finally getting its own No Man's Sky.

That said, Xbox One players haven't missed out on much, considering the notoriety No Man's Sky gained after so many broken promises and straight up lies before the game's release. This was reflected in Twitter responses to this announcement, which you can check out for yourself.

As stated by one of the disgruntled players, No Man's Sky was crushed under its own hype train. This is evident through the Steam Charts tracker which shows the average concurrent player count in August 2016 when the game launched was 36.976 with a peak of 212.321 concurrent players.

These numbers plummeted in an extraordinary fashion as the disgruntled players committed an exodus from the game. Average concurrent players dropped by 91,9 per cent in September 2016 and there are 548 concurrent players on average in the past 30 days. The game obviously needs a large scale update but one has to wonder if it will arrive two years too late.

HelloGames A vehicle is parked on a green area of an unidentified planet in No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky

One takeaway that might help get Xbox One players into the game is that it will arrive already enhanced for 4K gaming on Xbox One X with HDR support. While prettier graphics are indeed a good selling point for a game about space and planet exploration, it remains to be seen if the players will be willing to pay the full triple-A price for a game that has constantly been on the brink of death in the two years of its existence.

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