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Switch Lite is Nintendo's new handheld-only console

Published: 14:52, 10 July 2019
Updated: 15:22, 10 July 2019
artwork showing turquoise, gray and yellow switch lite consoles
Switch Lite

Nintendo have officially announced Switch Lite - a cheaper, smaller and handheld-only console for $200. The release date is set for 20 September 2019 and the console will be available in three colours - grey, yellow and turquoise.

After many leaks and rumours about Nintendo's new consoles, the Japanese gaming giant have officially announced the first model and just like the rumours suggested, it's a less expensive alternative for the original console. Named Switch Lite, the console is smaller and designed only for handheld play.

This means that Switch Lite doesn't support docking - you can't connect it to your TV, and the Joy-Con controllers are non-removable, hence the price point of $199 which is $100 cheaper than the base unit.

As for the release date, Nintendo confirmed that the console will be available on 20 September 2019, which once again aligns with earlier rumours. Once Switch Lite arrives, it will be available in three colours - yellow, turquoise and grey - as you can see from the image above. 

Nintendo said that they slightly improved battery life - Switch Lite should last approximately 3-7 hours, which is slightly longer than Switch. This is somewhat expected as Switch Lite has a more power-efficient chip and the lack of additional batteries in the non-removable controllers. For example, if you play Zelda, you'll get four hours of playtime instead of three say Nintendo.

The screen resolution is still 720p, just like the original console but the smaller screen - 5.5 inches - means that Lite's screen will look a bit sharper when compared to Switch's 6.2-inch screen.

If you're wondering what games will be supported on the new Switch, well, the console will maintain compatibility with nearly all titles released on Switch. Nintendo also revealed a special version of the console for Pokemon fans, who are awaiting the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can take a closer look at it below. 

Nintendo artwork showing a special edition of nintendo switch lite Switch Lite - Special Edition

Nintendo also made it clear that there are no performance differences between the two models but let's wait a couple of more months to find that out ourselves.

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