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Nintendo announces Switch accessories dubbed Labo

Published: 14:13, 18 January 2018
Some of the possibilities for Nintendo Switch's controller conversion.
Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has announced a pile of new accessories for Switch's joy-con controllers - and they are made of cardboard. You get to turn your controllers into fishing rods, bike handles and myriad of other things... for a price.

Nintendo's all in on the Switch continues as they keep adding to it. This time Switch got a bunch of cardboard boxes that will convert your joy-cons into different game-themed cardboard controllers. For example you can convert it into a mech suit, well sort of, for just under £60 (79,99$). I thought loot boxes are greedy, but apparently cardboard ones are where the money's really at.

The other cardboard set is somewhat cheaper , standing at  £50 (69,99$) and has more options available - RC cars, fishing rod, motorbike, piano and a house. Both packages come with their respective ''software''. The official site doesn't name it a ''game'', which most likely means it is just a mini simulator for each of the Labo constructs.

Nintendo Someone playing House Simulator on Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo house

Nintendo Labo will essentially try to transform the portable gaming device into an arcade, except that instead of flashy lights designed to lure people's quarters into it, you will get DIY cardboard sets. Then again, with price tags like these you don't really need additional revenue from customers investing their pennies into another video game life.

The actual praise that I have for Nintendo is that the company is trying to bring something new to the console and portable gaming, especially since the big players don't innovate anymore. PlayStation and Xbox are only attempting to emulate the PC lately and Switch is the only thing that refreshed the gaming industry.

Nintendo A person thinks he is a Transformer because he has a cardboard backpack. Nintendo Labo mech suit

Nintendo Labo kits are going to be released on 20 April, but sales might suffer the simple problem of cardboard structures being easily replicated. Living space is at a premium in a lot of Japan's urban centres, and this foldable peripheral solution may catch on differently further west.

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