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Nintendo Switch Pro will rock a Mini-LED display, according to TCL USA

Published: 14:01, 02 November 2020
The unofficial mockup render for Nintendo Switch Pro console
Nintendo Switch Pro (fanmade)

Looks like the Chinese TV manufacturer TCL have basically confirmed the rumours that the Nintendo Switch successor will use a Mini-LED display, which would be a huge upgrade over the current LED-screen on Switch and Switch Lite.

Not a week goes by without someone mentioning the Nintendo Switch Pro, and the tradition seems to continue in the way this one started. Nintendo has already stated that they want to extend the lifespan of the Switch console, unlike previous generations, which lasted approximately 5 years. 

As they have already released a cheaper iteration in the form of Nintendo Switch Lite, it is to be expected that the 'Pro' version with stronger hardware is on its way. 

Nintendo Switch Lite offers users a smaller and lighter handheld console, but without the option to connect to a dock, ie TV. The new Nintendo Switch, which is rumored more and more, will reportedly get a huge upgrade that will delight all fans of handheld gaming, with a big upgrade in a display area. 

Nintendo Nintendo Switch promo image The Nintendo Switch in all its glory

The latest news regarding the direct successor to the highly successful Switch console says that the LED display will be replaced with Mini-LED technology. The Taiwanese company Innolux  will reportedly be in charge of the production of the display. It is the world's third-largest display manufacturer, just behind Samsung and LG. 

This news makes us very excited because the Switch, although a great device, has a not-so-great display, which has only 720p resolution in handheld mode (with a 1080p output mode when docked, for the standard Switch). The new Switch (Pro) could provide 4K performance in dock mode, and 1080p in handheld mode, with much better contrast, higher brightness, more vibrant colors, etc. Basically, everything it doesn’t have now.

That there is some truth in these latest rumors was in some way confirmed by the Chinese TV maker, TCL, more precisely their Twitter account for the US market posted the following tweet, which left many users with a question mark over their heads

Mini-LED (not to be replaced by MicroLED), a technology introduced by TCL in its new series of TVs, offers better contrast and picture clarity compared to standard LCD TVs. It is not about anything revolutionary, but about evolutionary technology that originated from LED technology.

TCL USA probably unintentionally made many people start scratching their heads after sharing a 5-day-old article from Techradar , but there seem to be more and more indicators that the "Switch Pro" announcement could really happen sooner than we think, and that Nintendo will blow us away with a great console, once again.

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