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Nintendo adjusts the sales forecast for the Switch by 4 million units

Published: 15:43, 30 October 2017
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's reports for the second fiscal quarter of 2017 have been released. Nintendo revised their 10 million units projection for Switch hardware and bumped it up to 14 million. The 3DS family fared well thanks to the New 2DSXL, selling 1.96m units worldwide.

Nintendo has released the reports for the second fiscal quarter of 2017. Before you ask, the Switch is still going strong. The hybrid managed to boost production and sales compared to the last quarter by selling 2.92m units worldwide. This prompted Nintendo to increase the hardware projections by 40 percent.

Nintendo revised their 10 million units projection for Switch hardware, and now has it at 14 million systems for the year. If this is met, the Switch will pass the Wii U's life to date sales in its first calendar year.

Switch has been sold 2.92 million times in this quarter, and 7.85m times during its short lifetime. Additionally, there were 27.48m units of software sold.

3DS family's numbers are: 1.96 million in the quarter, 68.98m lifetime, 343.07m units of software sold. Hardware Sales Projection (2017 to 2018) for the 3DS family add up to 6 million units.

Nintendo A hand removing the Switch from its dock. A Joy-Con controller grip. Nintendo Switch

The 3DS family fared well thanks to the New 2DSXL, selling 1.96m units worldwide. Let's look at some numbers now, shall we?

All yen / GBP comparisons are based on current exchange rate as of the time of writing: GBP £1 = ¥149.

  • Ordinary net income: ¥69.591 billion ( £465.675 million)
  • Operating income: ¥39.961 billion (£267.403 million)
  • Net sales: ¥374.041 billion (~ £2.5 billion), of which approximately 73 percent were sales made "overseas" (outside Japan)
  • Mobile revenue: ¥17.9 billion (£119.779 million), which is a 426 percent increase over the same period last year
  • Download sales: ¥22.8 billion (£152.536 million), a 55 percent increase

The Switch edition of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was sold 4.7m times since it was released. This number was boosted a bit thanks to a bunch of collectors who, more often than not, bought two copies of the game at a time. Why? Well, one to play and one to admire on the shelf. Not sure which one they licked though. 

Some other titles mentioned include:

  • Splatoon 2: Opened to 3.61m units sold.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 4.42m sold.
  • ARMS is the fifth best selling Switch game at 1.35 million, trailing 1-2 Switch by about 20,000 copies.
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon was passed for the title of second best selling 3DS game by Mario Kart 7, at 15.9m and 15.95m life to date respectively.

The broader financial projections for this financial year (01 April 2017 to 31 March 2018) have been increased due to the positive results. Net sales are expected to hit 960,000 million Yen, a 96.3 percent increase over the previous year. The operating profit projection has nearly doubled - to 120,000 million Yen, which would be another big result for Nintendo and an increase of 308.7 percent over the previous year.

Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS

All this positive commercial performance has had an uplifting effect on Nintendo's share value, which is now higher (¥42.87) than at any point since 2008 when the Wii and DS were all the rage.

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