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Nintendo Switch is all-time the best selling console over the first year in the US

Published: 15:54, 21 March 2018
A docked Nintendo Switch and a Joy-Con Grip with two Joy-Con controllers inside
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is continuing its sales stampede. After breaking the record for best selling console ever in the first 10 months of its release, it has repeated the same feat in the first year after release category.

The NPD Group are an American market research company and they have recently released their report on February 2018 game and hardware sales. According to the report, Nintendo Switch is still selling like hot cakes. Mat Piscatella, an analyst with NPD stated that Switch has the ''highest installed base for a console platform in history'' over the period of its first 12 months.

Installed base is a measure that shows a product's number of units that are in use. It's hard to imagine anyone would just throw their Switch away after buying it, so this number is almost directly proportional to Switch's sales. Now, this still leaves some room for doubt as it's possible another console in the past has sold better but didn't manage to keep a high installed base afterwards, but this can only be speculated without exact sales numbers.

The Pokemon Company Pokken Tournament DX on the Switch. Perfect score. Pokken Tournament DX on the Switch

Nintendo Switch was also the best selling console in history during the first 10 months of its lifespan and according to Nintendo's public data, Switch has sold just under 15 million units by 31 December 2017. With Nintendo's focus on their crown jewel, Switch has continued its streak of record breaks in the following months.

Nintendo Nintendo Switch console being placed in a holder on a wooden table. Nintendo Switch

The top 5 most sold games in February for Nintendo Switch were Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild followed by Bayonetta 2 and Splatoon 2 in #4 and #5 spots.

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