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Ninja's first week on Mixer results in half a million subscribers

Published: 17:00, 05 August 2019
DJ Marshmello and Ninja getting ready for the tournament
DJ Marshmello and Ninja

Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has pulled off what seems to be the first major streamer transfer in the West and for all intents and purposes, Microsoft and Mixer's investment is proving to be excellent for everyone involved, viewers included.

For what it's worth, Ninja's performances as of late were a bit subdued, and in hindsight - it could've been attributed to pre-transfer jitters, as he admittedly knew for much longer than the brief heads-up we got.

Having successfully completed his first week on Microsoft's fledgeling streaming platform, Ninja actually boasts more than half a million subs, and 654,539 follows at the time of writing.

Granted, Microsoft was running a promotion where they were handing out free subs to Ninja's Mixer, something akin to an early adopter bonus, that has no adds and comes with specialised Ninja emojis.

Ninja started off on the right foot, both in terms of viewers and his gameplay, and the average from his first few days on Mixer already exceeded his on Twitch, not including the Fortnite World Cup figures.

He amassed 3,842,296 total views so far and his popularity helped Mixer to the top of the iOS App Store, which is enough proof of the viewership he commands.

In fact, 500,000 subs all came on the day he announced the move. His Twitch subs are at measly 15,000, but Twitch only recently implemented the feature so, between that and Microsoft's freebies, it's not exactly a fair comparison. 

According to Screenrant, Ninja's peak on twitch in March 2018 was 250,000, so he doubled these figures right off the bat. That said, he's still some way off of the numbers he once commanded, and besides - the real scientific analyses will require the initial boost to subside.

CNBC Picture of Tyler Ninja Blevins from CNBC Tyler

Arranging for transfers of streamers to own platform is still relatively young in the West, but Chinese streamers have been chasing platform exclusivity for a while now. In fact, some of these have ended up in court, prompting the Chinese government to order platform holders to .

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