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Next God of War release date pushed into 2022

Published: 01:44, 03 June 2021
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Kratos standing in front of his son, Atreus.
God of War - Kratos

Sony announced that the next God of War game will not be launching during 2021 for more than one reason.

God of War fans will probably be disappointed to learn that the next game in the series will not surface this year. There are multiple good reasons Sony listed, however, and it's pretty certain almost no one will hold it against them.

First and foremost, they mentioned the company is refraining from overworking their employees and forcing crunch upon them, which is one of the reasons why the development will take longer.

The second reason is the quality standard that everyone wants to deliver to the player base that became accustomed to the high-quality production of the reboot. It's also possible that the disruption caused by Coronavirus pandemic affected the studio's ability to work at maximum capacity but considering the virus negatively affected pretty much everyone in every industry, it's hard to blame SIE for it.

Not all news is bad for the fans though as Sony also noted that the next GoW will be a cross-generation game. Keep in mind that graphics quality and performance is undoubtedly going to be much different between PS4 and PS5, especially because the latter supports raytracing, which is bound to create some amazing vistas and cinematic pieces in the next game.

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