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New World data mining reveals mounts and group finder tool

Published: 13:10, 15 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios seem to be working on pretty much everything the players pointed out that New World lacks and some of the features are mounts and easier grouping up.

New World has several glaring issues but they can't be tackled all once. That is not stopping AGS from trying since data mining previously revealed weapon mastery and trade skill quests that should help the players with grind and it also looks like they are working on fixing some of the other bigger problems players had with the game, such as long walking time and issues with finding groups.

In the case of walking, many players suggested mounts and if the strings found through data mining are anything to go by, they are on the way. It's currently unknown how long it will take AGS to deploy the feature in New World but the strings suggested there will be separate equipment for the animal companions. Currently, there are only mentions of horses but it remains to be seen if we will eventually get other things. Who wouldn't love to ride a gator, after all?

Another interesting feature is the group finder that is bound to divide the community's opinions. While convenient, it has contributed to the erosion of social interaction in other MMOs previously, with World of Warcraft being the most prominent example. For the time being, the only mentions of the group finder are made in relation to expeditions.

Amazon New World Alongside Dynasty, The Depths is probably the most problematic part of the main quest line now that the Well Guardian is getting nerfed

Then again, things like invasions, outpost rush and wars already have their own matchmaking at the war board or the faction vendors so it remains to be seen how well this feature might fare. People going through the main quest and attempting to finish elite bosses or expeditions will probably benefit the most.

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