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New World devs cracking down on AFK players

Published: 12:48, 04 October 2021
Updated: 12:49, 04 October 2021
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New World
New World - Congratulations, now you will be killing this mob for half an hour

New World has had one very successful week, coupled with a few growing pains. AFK players who manage to trick the game's AFK detection system have been ruining the fun for the rest - but this will stop soon.

Amazon's New World MMORPG has proven itself a worldwide phenomenon with 913,634 players running around Aeternum just hours ago. New World is celebrating its first week tomorrow, October 5, but the launch hasn't exactly been what you'd call smooth sailing, with the majority of the problems stemming from the fact there wasn't enough server space to go around.

This issue was compounded when some players decided to keep their spot in-game even when they weren't actually playing. New World's dev team has heard the multitude of complaints lamenting the fact that it is possible to remain artificially active in the game ie. staying just active enough to escape the ever-watchful eye of the automatic AFT mitigation system baked into the code.

New World, an open-world MMO by Amazon Game Studios

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
New World, Aeternum sure looks appealing!

The devs want people to actually play the game they've worked so hard on and have devised a new solution to help them identify and take action against the perpetrators. The exact details of the new anti-AFK system are, of course, a secret but we do know that players who are actually there when their character loads into the game and play normally will not feel any negative side effects. 

We also know that the new system will go easy on first-time offenders, giving them a slap on the wrist in the form of a quick kick to the main menu. Repeat offenders will be faced with more severe disciplinary actions.

The new detection solution will be rolled out over a period of time, so some patience will be required.

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