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New weapons, skills, tech and everything else in Horizon Forbidden West

Published: 08:49, 28 May 2021
Horizon Forbidden West - Spear
Horizon Forbidden West - Spear

We had the opportunity to see Aloy's new tools of the trade in the action during the last night's breathtaking State of Play gameplay footage, and here's everything that's new in the upcoming PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West.

Last night we had the opportunity to watch the impressive gameplay footage of Horizon Forbidden West during the State of Play stream (you can now watch it in 4K in a video above) and like most viewers out there, we were quite impressed. Just take a look at this moment when Aloy dives underwater:

During the 14-minutes long gameplay video, you can see Aloy, the main heroine of the Horizon series, on a quest to find her friend Erand who has been captured by a dangerous faction of rebels called the Tenakth tribe. These dangerous fighters became even more dangerous because they somehow managed to obtain the technology to override the machines and control them, as we can see in the gameplay video. 

Sony Horizon Forbidden West - Shield-Wing Horizon Forbidden West - Shield-Wing

After a wonderful hunt for the rebels, that showcased the beautiful landscapes of San Francisco remains, Aloy finds herself face to face with the Tremortusk Mammoth robot, followed by a fascinating fight. 

What we could see in the video, and what interested us all, were Aloy's new toys and skills, compared to the previous game Horizon Zero Dawn. 

Sony Horizon Forbidden West - Tremortusk Mammoth robot Aloy facing a Tremortusk

Guerilla Games are once again raising the bar with HFW, and visually the game is breathtaking. But not everything can be in graphics and so we come to new tools, tech, and skills that our heroine will use on her way to the Forbidden West:

  • Spear/melee combat - Aloy can now use special, almost anime-like, combo-moves with her trusty Spear, to deal extra damage.
  • Focus Scanner - scanning the environment now also highlights the climbing handholds in the world and X-shaped grapple points.
  • Pull-Caster - speaking of grapple points, Aloy can use Pull-Caster as a grappling hook to rapidly zip to the X-shaped grapple points and get herself quickly out of hairy situations, or simply get to the higher ground.
  • Shield-wing - similar to the Glider in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Aloy can use her Shield-Wing to safely descend from great flights or surprise enemies from above.
  • Diving Mask - This allows you to stay submerged in a whole new underwater world and explore without worrying about oxygen;
  • Machine override - Aloy can override machines like in Horizon Zero Dawn and use them as cool robot-mounts for faster travel in the world, but this time Raiders can override machines too.

We still don't know when will Horizon Forbidden West launch, but Guerilla Games have assured their fans over a Twitter post that the development of the game is on the right track, and we'll get a release date soon. HFW is launching on PS4 and PS5. 

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