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New Valorant Agent teased to be either a duelist or an initiator

Published: 01:16, 24 December 2021
Riot Games

The newest Agent to be released in Valorant is set to come early next year. Up until now the only information we had was that the Agent is Filipino and is named Bilis, but the developers have teased us with some new information today.

Hopefully, all of us are going into next year with renewed energy, ready to take on new and unexpected challenges. Kicking off next year is an Agent who can outpace the rest of the roster, shocking the competition, and sliding straight into the fight.

Before they arrive, developers are going to take their usual winter break, recharge, and amp themselves up for next year. That does not stop us from speculating on what kind of Agent we can expect next, however.

There are two distinct possibilities that we can, realistically, expect to see in Valorant, as the next Agent, based on their short description of the way the Agent is meant to be played.

The new Agent is likely going to be either an initiator or duelist, based on this description. However, it has only been one Agent in between the last released initiator and this future Agent, while a new duelist has not been released for a year now.

Riot Games Valorant - Bilis Agent teaser Valorant - Bilis Agent teaser

To corroborate that fact, developers have stated that they will not be releasing a new duelist "for a while" when Yoru was released. Though they did not give a specific timeframe, as far as videogames are concerned, especially ones as young as Valorant, a year is most definitely long enough to classify as such.

Whatever the new Agent may be, we can look forward to their release, as the developers have also promised to spend a majority of their focus on in-game balancing, as well, so we will not have a repeat of either KAY/O or Yoru extremes.

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