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Steam might be getting a new user interface

Published: 19:01, 02 February 2017
Steam logo with grayscale library in background.

Beta testers like diging around in files, and it looks like some of them found hits of a new Steam UI

Steam has changed a lot since its launch back in 2003. A lot of features and functionality was added over the years, usually on top of each other or squeezed somewhere in between. A UI redesign is actually quite over due, and while Steam Big Picture might be fine for controller-centric use, it is less than optimal when a mouse and keyboard come into play.

Files and references to 'SteamU' are supposedly packaged inside the latest Steam beta and what is on display looks like an early design for a new Steam interface. In any case, the images are quite rough and probably just placeholders. If there is a new design in the works, it might actually still be years away from a proper release.

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