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New Forza Motorsport details: full race weekends, corner mastery system and more

Published: 09:20, 21 September 2021
Turn 10
Forza Motorsport  screenshot showing a back of the car
Forza Motorsport

Turn 10 Studios have revealed a couple of new details about the upcoming Forza Motorsport in this month's Forza Monthly episode. The devs confined full race weekend as well as other brand new features like corner mastery system.

Forza Motorsport Creative Director Chris Esaki was a guest in the most recent episode of Forza Monthly show, where he talked about the upcoming racing sim from Turn 10 Studios and some of the new features that we will get in this highly anticipated title.

Esaki mentioned that the team are currently testing full race weekends for multiplayer, which would include a practice session, qualifying and the race. "What we have now is a calendar of active and upcoming events that players can join all over the world, each of these events has an open practice and qualifying before moving everyone to the featured race," Esaki revealed. 

Furthermore, he added that a brand new feature called Corner Mastery system is in the works. This feature will allow players to understand basis where exactly they are losing or gaining time on a per corner basis.

Basically, you can compare your corners times now, not just sector or lap times. This system will be available during practice sessions.

Turn 10 Forza Motorsport - Laguna Seca Forza Motorsport - Laguna Seca

Last but not least, it's confirmed that the next playtest is coming but has not been locked down to a specific date just yet. Turn 10 are constantly adding new testers to the mix so if you would like to sign up, you can do that via the Turn 10 Feedback Program form.

Esaki briefly mentioned that the team will have more stuff to share in the coming months and especially as we head into next year. 

Forza Motorsport is launching on PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles. There is no release date just yet but it's rumoured to be launching in 2022.

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