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Activision confirm next Call of Duty will be revealed pretty soon

Published: 13:33, 03 May 2019
A soldier on a cold day with a burning jet fighter behind him
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty publisher Activision have officially confirmed that the next game in the shooter franchise will be revealed sometime in the next few months. Activision also said they are feeling incredibly good about Infinity Ward's work.

New Call of Duty game has been a subject of many leaks and speculations in the last couple of months, which is understandable since we're inching closer to Activision's reveal window for Call of Duty titles, which is usually the month of May.

Activision and Infinity Ward already showed the game to a bunch of , and some of them even hinted that the game is Modern Warfare 4 and that it won't be long before Activision officially reveal it.

Well, it looks like this indeed is the case as Activision confirmed that they plan to announce the new Call of Duty game sometime in the next two months. Speaking at the company's investor call, Activision Publishing's President Rob Kostich stated that they intend to officially show next Call of Duty “later this quarter".

The second quarter of 2019 ends on 30 June 2019, which puts the reveal somewhere in the next two months. Furthermore, Kostich took the opportunity to reaffirm his and Activision's support for the project by saying that they "feel incredibly good about this year’s game coming from Infinity Ward" and that everyone will clearly see why they are "really excited about the release."

Whether the next Call of Duty is indeed something to be excited about or just another yearly reskin with a couple of additions remains to be seen. However, thanks to some earlier reports, we have a couple of details about the features that could be available on launch.

According to reports, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 won't have a brand new singleplayer campaign, instead, Infinity Ward opted for the remaster of Modern Warfare 2 campaign. Also, reports claim that Battle Royale mode and Specialists won't be included.

Activision A soldier in a desert with a helicopter and more soldiers behind him Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Of course, these details are not confirmed so take them with a huge grain of salt just like any other leak or rumour.

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