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New British battlecruisers arrive in World of Warships, US ships get improved

Published: 20:00, 11 July 2022
World of Warships - St Vincent
World of Warships - St Vincent

Wargaming pushed out a new update for World of Warships, bringing new ships to early access while the existing ones were improved.

Highlights of the latest update in World of Warships are numerous but players will most likely be primarily interested in new ship additions as well as the changes to the existing ones.

Regarding the new ships, Tier III to Tier X British battlecruisers have arrived to early access. They are equipped with torpedoes and Repair Party consumable that will help with HP regeneration.

The new ships include:

  • Tier III - Indefatigable
  • Tier VI - Renown
  • Tier VII - Rooke
  • Premium Tier VII - Collingwood
  • Tier VIII - Hawke
  • Tier IX Duncan
  • Tier X - St. Vincent

Some of these ships have their own special camouflages and they are all equipped with various consumables through the tiers, including Engine Boost at Tier V, Defensive AA Fire at Tier V and Specialized Repair Teams at Tier IX.

Meanwhile, the US destroyers are receiving model improvements which are a continuation of the ones from the previous update. This round of upgrades is coming to:

  • Sims
  • Sims B
  • Sampson
  • Clemson
  • Nicholas
  • Farragut

Besides the new and upgraded ships, a timed event called Titans of Industry is kicking off. It will have players choose between three British dockyards - Chatham, Elswick and Clydebank. The one they choose to support will yield a unique reward, a special commander and British tokens that can be exchanged for various rewards, including ships that have arrived to early access.

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